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Tri-Bond the ultimate Sanitary Gasket



manufactured by

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Tri-Bond explained

Tri-bond® is an unique mix between a bonded flexible elastomer and a chemically inert liner in PTFE. Elastomer gaskets are known for their superb sealing capability but are always compromising chemical resistance. PTFE is known for its excellent chemical resistance but is a difficult material when it comes to sealing. The two unique features of both materials are brought together in the Tri-Bond® gasket.   

The thin PTFE lining on the outside is taking care of the chemical resistance of the gasket while the flexible elastomer inside covers its sealing capabilities. These two features make it the ultimate pharmaceutical gasket.



Tri-Bond® is available in the following standards:

DIN32676 Serie A      

DIN32676 Serie B  (ISO1127)

DIN32676 Serie C  (ASME BPE)


Tri-Bond® is a registered trademark of Ultrapharma BV

Tri-Bond Blue HQ_4x.png


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